Best Valentine’s Day 2017 Messages For Your Love

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on the 14th Feb,it is the most awaited day for the people who are in Love.Valentines’s Day is perfect occasion to share your feeling to your love.Some people are very good to express their feeling and some find it difficult. If you don’t know how to tell your love how much you love him/her and looking for the best romantic valentine’s day message,quotes & sms for the one whom you love then you are at the right palce. Here we have some fresh & latest collection of Valentine Day SMS, messages & Wishes for your  your love.
Best Valentine's Day2017 Messages For Your Love

“LIFE is 4 living,I live mine 4 u
LOVE is 4 giving, I give mine 2 u
DREAMS r 4 dreaming,mine r 4 u
HEARTS r 4 beating, & mine beats 4 u “
“Everyone says u only fall in love once
But that’s not true bcoz
Every time when I saw u,
I fall in love ALL OVER AGAIN”

“On dis Valentines I admit dat
Its ur sight which makes me nervous,
Its ur voice which makes me shivers,
Its ur presence dat tinkles my bones,
Its ur eyes those r killing me,
Its u 4 which my heart goes restless..
On dis valentines I admit dat

“U have been the first and will b d only one ever
To touch my HEART
Ever since d day I met u,
My heart stopped beating 4 me
It beats 4 u,saying I LOVE YOU with every beat”
“Every tym I seeu
I feel something in my Heart
Its lyk a little flame
I love u so much
It now feels lyk
There’s an inferno in my chest”
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Valentine’s Day Wishes
“U came in my Life and u brought along
Want u Hug u tight in my Arms nd Celebrate
Our first VALENTINE’s DAY in the most Special way”
“2 souls sharing a single thought
2 hearts sharing a single beat
U r d light of my lyf & Smile
Happy Valentine’s Day”
“Love is missing someone
Whenever u’re apart, but
Somehow feeling warm inside
Bcoz u’re close in heart

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“I don’t love u 4 what u r
I don’t love u 4 any reason
I love u coz u stay in my heart
Not looking at any season
My love 4 u is lyk a bliss
Which I truly seal wid a kiss
Baby I love u so much,
Wishing a HAPPY VALENTINE’s DAY to you “

“I wrote ur name in d sky
But d wind blew it away
I wrote ur name in d sand
But d waves washed it away
I wrote ur name in my heart
Nd forever it will stay
Happy Valentine’s Day “

“I don’t know why, I lyk u
I don’t know  y, I feel sad on a day when
I don’t see your face, I only know one thing dat
I don’t bear any meaning widout u
I know what LOVE is, it is because of u
“I feel romantic every moment
When u hold my hand so tight
When u just slip in my arms
When u stare at me wid passion
When u show dat compassion
When u just kiss me my love
I feel dat love wid u
Baby I truly love u
Wishing  a very Happy Valentine’s Day to you”

“Life is extraordinary in ur company
Ur sweet nd pretty grace
When I look at dat pretty face
I lose what I have to say
U make my lyf worth a living
U make dat lovely way
A way Dat I want 2 see all through
Baby I only love you”

“A day widout u my love
Is d day when d sun will not rise
A day widout u my love
Is the day when d moon will not rise
U r d light dat sparks up
The darkness in my life
A reason y I smile
A reason y I strive
Baby I love u so much
Wishing a very Happy Valentine’s Day to you”

“Love is a word dat is too small to express
What I really feel 4 u
One life living wid u is
Too small 2 tell u my love
That it’s really tough 2 live widout u
I love u from my heart
That is so pure nd it’s so true
Baby I truly love you”

“what is love widout ur name?
The feeling dat v have r same
What is love when I am not wid u?
A feeling so awesome nd new
Just want 2 confess dis day
My baby I truly love you”

“My heart beats 4 u my love
My life dat I live 4 u
When u r not around me
Nothing seems so gud or new
Baby b as u r my love
I simply cannot live widout u
I Love u So Much
So lost in ur touch”

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